The Position Cue feature lets you control the pan and tilt function of moving head fixtures. SoundSwitch lets you set the pan and tilt value for each moving head in a venue and combine these as a "Position". For example, you may create a Position using two moving heads, one pointing left of the DJ booth and the other pointing right. Then you can create a second position with both of the moving heads pointing directly at the DJ. Having created two positions, place these into a song Script or Autoloop by dragging these into the workspace and placing the first position at the beginning of the audio track and the other a few bars further along. As the audio plays back the moving heads will start to move and change between each position.  

Creating Position Cues:

To create a new position, press the plus icon in the top right-hand corner of the Positions menu in the library.



Select the Position you would like to set up and double-click to open the Positions Dialog as shown below.


Now select the fixture you wish to set a Position for. Start by moving the Pan and Tilt crosshair around the work area to direct the light in the direction you would like. Now repeat for the remaining fixtures.

Double-click on a Position Cue to rename it. Once you have finished creating Positions, press apply to save the changes. Now, drop and drag the positions you have created into the Master Track and align these to your Beatgrid. Once you have dragged a Position into the Master Track you will see a Positions Flag appear in the Movement Track as shown below. 


To delete, simply select the Position Flag and press delete on your keyboard. Remember to space your Position Flags far enough apart to allow the fixture enough time to move between Positions. 

Adding Positions to Fixture Tracks Using The Positions Override Feature: 

If you would like one of your movers to move to a position other than what's in the Master Track, simply make a selection in movers Fixture Track and right-click, then select "Create Position Override". You will see a section of the movement track become active. Now you can drop and drag Positions into the override section of the track and the mover will follow these cues.

Check out these videos for more detail.